"The Husky Way"


At Nathan Hale we implement Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to teach, model, practice, and acknowledge the behaviors we want to see from our students.

School-Wide Matrix  

A school-wide matrix is the school-wide behavioral expectations and specific rules for selected school settings. The matrix provides a clear visual reminder of the school-wide behavioral rules/expectations for staff and students. Below is the school-wide matrix for Nathan Hale.

Classroom Matrix

A classroom matrix is the specific behavioral expectations and rules for individual teachers. Each classroom matrix may vary teacher to teacher. Below are some examples of classroom matrices.

CM 1


Cool Tools:

Cool tools are the lessons that teach our school-wide expectations. For more information, please visit the “Cool Tools” tab.


We acknowledge the behaviors we want to see from students using “Husky Bucks.” For more information on acknowledgement, please visit the “Acknowledgements and Recognition” tab.