Dance Protocol & Procedures

Alcohol Screening Process:

Overall, our students adhere to the school and district expectations as set for by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  However, in an effort to continue keeping our school functions safe, fun, and alcohol-free, we will be implementing random alcohol screening, as well as screening where there is reasonable suspicion that students may be under the influence of alcohol at various student events, including but not limited to our school dances.  More specifically, upon students entering the dance, they will individually randomly choose a color coded piece of paper from a bag which determines if they have been selected to participate in the alcohol screening.  They will then proceed to a location out of sight of other students, and directed by school administration, to blow into the “AlcoBlow” screening device, which detects the presence of alcohol on one’s breath.  Results from the screening are immediate and will determine any further action taken by administration, including involvement of parents and/or law enforcement.  It is an expectation that students cooperate upon request for admittance to this optional school activity.  Failure to comply with this screening request will result in no admittance to the event (no refunds), parent notification and mandatory meeting, as well as removal from the next major school event/function as determined by administration.  Students have been informed of this screening process and protocol.  Once again, it is our hope to make all school events fun and safe for all in attendance. 


Dance Protocol:

With the variety of dancing that we have observed over the past several years (some not school appropriate), the Hale administration in collaboration with student class representatives developed dance expectations, protocols, and procedures regarding appropriate and acceptable dancing (i.e.-“no grinding”) upon which we will continue to institute at all formal dances.  Announcements regarding what is appropriate/inappropriate dancing have been shared with the students. Those students not adhering to the expectations will be warned and then removed from the dance.  More specifically, as a removal process, we have devised with student participation a wristband process. As each student checks into the dance they are given a wristband to wear for the evening.  If a student is not following the dance expectations as the night goes on, the student’s wristband will be cut off by the chaperone as a warning. Then if any chaperone approaches the same student again over the course of the night for inappropriate dancing, they will see that the wristband is missing, and at that time the student will be removed from the dance. A parent contact would then be attempted to communicate the issue. So, the object is to keep your wristband on all night and consider yourself appropriate.