Mr. Kuenzi

Bob Kuenzi
Robert Kuenzi

Mr. Kuenzi has been teaching in the West Allis West Milwaukee school district for eight years now. The classes he teaches are World History and AP European History. He's been teaching AP Euro for four years now, and his students always average in the top 20% in the country. For the past six years he has also coached the Hale Girls Soccer Team.

Every two to three years, Mr. Kuenzi offers to take his AP Euro class, along with a few other history classes, to Europe. The last trip was the summer of 2013, and the next planned trip being in 2016. They always go to Paris and London, though there may be another city or two in the future.

Outside of academics, Mr. Kuenzi is also in his second year of hosting the Magic Club, which has a page here. He also plays the drums for the Guitar Club.