Ms. Ellery

Welcome to Honors English 9!


Welcome to Nathan Hale high school and freshman English!  This class is a survey class, which means we will be studying everything from successful study habits to Shakespeare.  Our goal for the year is to help you (the student) develop the thinking, reading, and writing skills that you will need to achieve your future goals.


Materials Needed:  You should bring the following with you to class EVERYDAY.

*English Folder *Notebook *pen/pencil/highlighter

*Textbook (must be covered)

Classroom Expectations:

In addition to following the rules in your student handbook, you are expected to be in class on time and to be on task.  Students who are chronically late or disruptive infringe on others; rights to succeed. Detentions will be given to students who violate classroom rules and all detentions need to be served within 48 hours.


Grading Policy:  The grading scale for this class is as follows:

100-90 ... A

89-80 ... B

79-70 ... C

69-60 ... D