Hall of Fame

Purpose of the West Allis Nathan Hale Hall of Fame

The West Allis Nathan Hale Hall of Fame is established by the Nathan Hale High School Athletic Booster Club to honor the past, inspire the present and help to build a bright future in the Hale Athletic Department. Our school has a rich history of athletic excellence. We want to establish a historic record of that success so as to preserve that record for future generations.

The Hall of Fame honors former student-athletes, coaches, teams and other individuals or entities that have made a significant positive impact on Hale athletics.

Nomination Process

Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations must be received by October 1 of each year by the athletic director.

Nominations will be considered by a 5-person committee consisting of:

  • 1-A chairman appointed by the Nathan Hale Athletic Booster Club

  • 2-The principal or the principal’s representative

  • 3-The athletic director

  • 4-A current coach at Hale

  • 5-A former coach from Hale.

Subsequent to the October 1 deadline, the committee will meet to vote on the nominations. A majority vote of the committee would be needed to approve a nominee to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.

If a nominee is also on the committee, said member would recuse themselves from the discussion and vote on that single nomination and a substitute would be appointed for that single nomination.

There are no minimum or maximum number of inductees per year however it is suggested that 5 inductees per year be a goal.

Induction would occur during the basketball season subsequent to the vote of the committee.

Click here for the Nomination Form.

Donations to the West Allis Nathan Hale High School Hall of Fame would gladly be accepted by the Nathan Hale Booster Club, the sponsoring organization. There are considerable expenses associated with the Hall of Fame such as signage, Plaques, and the HOF dinner. Donations will be segregated and used only for the HOF.
Donations can be submitted to the Nathan Hale Booster Club in care of the Athletic Director.