AP Summer Work

AP Biology 2017-2018
Instructor: Mr. Krabath
AP Biology 2018-2019 summer letter
AP Biology Timeline 2018-2019

AP Calculus AB and BC
Instructor: Mr. Mulvey
No summer homework.

AP Chemistry
Instructor: Mr. Thomas Baker

AP Computer Science A
Instructor: Ms. Donna Krasovich
Be sure to get the Big Java text book before the school year ends.
AP Computer Science Summer Work 2018

AP English Literature

Instructor: Mrs. Ellery
AP English Literature summer letter 2018

AP European History
Instructor: Mr. Robert Kuenzi
AP European History summer homework website

AP Government and Politics
Instructor: Mr. Michael Ellery
There is no summer homework assignment. 
Yet, it is essential that students develop a habit of of following national political news.  The summer is a great time to develop this habit. Whether students watch national news coverage, read a newspaper, or acquire news from a reliable web-based source, an understanding of current political events is essential for AP Government success.

Students should also (re)familiarize themselves with the U.S. Constitution.  The text of the U.S. Constitution is easily found in multiple formats.  Recommended supplemental text: The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaption. [Paperback, used is totally fine]

AP Human Geography
Instructor: Rose Misiak
Please familiarize yourself with the location of countries on the World Map and with Current Events happening in the world throughout the summer months. Recommended Text to purchase is the AP Human Geography Barron's Study Book.

AP Language and Composition
Instructor: Mr. Mulligan, NBCT
AP Language and Composition summer homework

AP Physics 1 
Instructor: Mr. Bugenhagen
Summer Work and Information Letter for Advanced Placement Physics
AP Physics assignment

AP Psychology 
Instructor: Ms. Raduege
AP Psychology summer work

AP Statistics 
Instructor: Mr. Dewitt
No summer homework. Come to class prepared to learn. 
Be sure you have a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator.

AP U.S. History
Instructor: Ms. Kuhlenbeck
Summer work is here:  
AP US History Summer Letter

AP World History 
Instructor: Mr. Ryan Lindberg
Advanced Placement World History Summer HW Sheet 2018
Ch. 1 Rdg Guide
Chapter 1 pg. 4-15
Chapter 1 pg. 16-23