Letters of Recommendation

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Often times they are required.  To increase the chances of obtaining a quality letter of recommendation, students are encouraged to use the following procedure when asking someone for the recommendation:

ALLOW ENOUGH TIME- When asking a teacher, counselor, advisor, or coach, for a letter of recommendation, allow at least two (2) weeks for the person to write the recommendation. When asking someone from outside of school (i.e. employer, clergy), again, allow two (2) weeks. Too many students wait until the last minute to ask for a letter of recommendation.

PROVIDE THE DETAILS- When is the deadline? When is the letter needed?  Where should the letter be sent or turned in? Should it be returned to the student,Student Support Services office, or the organization? To whom should it be addressed? What types of things should the letter cover? Is the recommendation expected to remain confidential? Giving the writer this information up front will help prevent avoidable delays caused by misunderstandings or miscommunication.

GIVE SPECIFIC INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF- Whether the writer is from school or the community, be sure to give them a copy of a resume or a list of your goals and activities. Providing specific information allows the writer to compose a much more specific and more powerful recommendation. Submit the Recommendation Request Form when asking someone to write you a letter (see link at top of page or paper copies are available outside of the Student Services Office, Rm. 235).

SAY "THANK YOU"- Be sure to send a thank you note. Teachers, counselors, coaches, clergy, and employers will appreciate recognition of their time and efforts.