Information on Current Scholarships (Seniors)

Throughout the year, many organizations, businesses, colleges, universities, and technical colleges, contact Student Support Services with information about scholarship opportunities. It is our goal to get this information out to parents and students in a timely manner.Sources of scholarship information that students will have available:

1. The Nathan Hale High School Scholarship Bulletin will be your primary source of information for local, state, and national scholarships. Applications for the scholarships advertised in the bulletin will be available in the College and Career Center, Room 233 unless otherwise noted.

2. Scholarship Announcements will often be made during the morning announcements and/or Monday's homeroom bulletin. It is extremely important to listen to the announcements. There are many times when a scholarship offer with a sudden deadline arrives, which can’t wait to be advertised in the next scholarship bulletin. Each week, the Homeroom Bulletin will also mention any news regarding scholarships. Please listen to your HAT advisor, who will provide these updates.

3. A hard copy of the current scholarship bulletin is available in the Career Center, Room 233.‚Äč

4. Visit Scholarship Search Sites to do personal scholarship searches.