Career Academy


The Nathan Hale High School Career Academy is a nationally recognized, award winning comprehensive career development program that prepares all students for post-secondary education and the world of work.  Nathan Hale exposes students to a wide variety of career options and promotes student participation in experiences that help them to investigate careers and develop personal attributes and skills required by 21st Century employers.

All students may declare a Career Major.  To complete the Career Major program students must successfully complete 16 career-related requirements before graduation.  Students can change their career major if you meet major class class requirements and work to earn a double major, if desired.  

For more information, contact one of the Career Academy Coordinators:

Karin Houston, School Counselor  - 414.604.3225 -

Brandy Anthony, School Counselor - 414.604.3222 -

Cay Ozburn, College & Career Center Assist. - 414.604.3200 ext. 5529 -

Student Services - 414.604.3220